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    What does Facebook know about you?

    Privacy policy updates

    Since the Cam

    bridge Analytica case, when the lack of security in the personal data of Facebook users was discovered, the social network has tried to make every effort to make clear what information it has and how it can control the use of its own data.

    “Checking privacy settings” was a new tool to securely manage posts, reactions, comments and any other content.

    What information it collects about you

    The platform has broken down the information by redesigning this section and since then you can see eight items with their own subcategories: Facebook activity, friends and followers, preferences, personal information, registered information, ad information, security and login information, and apps and websites outside Facebook. This version of infallibility to the individual has been released on iOS and Android, but will soon be coming to desktop as well.

    The answer to Apple

    This change comes just as Apple has made a change to its privacy policy in iOS14, which means that new apps will have to ask device owners for permission to track their movements.

    Facebook’s change will now show more precisely what information it wants to collect and make it clear to users how data is used and how to benefit from the advertising that appears.

    Four sources of information

    Facebook tells us how advertisers use the platform to decide who they want to reach based on age, gender, location and interests.

    The platform uses four different sources of information to explain what it knows about you:

    Firstly, the user’s own activity: what is shared, “likes” on posts or pages, the search engine… Secondly, location. Not only the city where you live, but also where you are when you connect to the application. Next, the information you have provided: email, mobile phone, subscriptions on different sites… Finally, the tracking of your Internet activity: Zuckerberg’s social network can follow your web crawl wherever you go.

    But with all this, thanks to the new privacy policy, you have the option to configure these displays.