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    The new Google Analytics


    Google officially launched the new Google Analytics, which is now available to all users and includes a big amount of predictive information, a deeper integration with Google Ads , greater cross-device measurement capabilities, and more refined data.

    New functions and metrics aligned with the protection of user’s data

    The coronavirus has successfully promoted the development of electronic commerce or ecommerces as we know it. However, this means more competition for companies. Data and metrics are essential to understanding customer preferences and “making every marketing expensis count.” Creating a better experience is critical for customers. As Google said in a statement, knowledge is power and that digital analysis tools are vital today.

    The new Google Analytics includes forecasting features that can automatically alert marketing professionals about data trends, such as increased demand for a certain product.

    Technology will also be able to predict outcomes, such as the drop oput rate or the potential revenue a company can earn from a particular customer base. These metrics can help marketing experts target high-value audiences and predict the actions their customers might take in the future.

    Greater integration of audiences with Google Ads

    Advertisers can now create and maintain audiences for visitors on their websites and applications. For example: If a user is suitable to appear on the audience list because they performed an action on the web and is removed from the audience list because they completed a purchase transaction, the list will automatically update to avoid conflicts.

    Moreover, the new Google Analytics will report on YouTube video viewing actions that occur on the application and on the website.

    Customer life cycle reports

    One of the most important differences between Google Analytics and the new version of Google Analytics is the way the reports are organized: “All the reports have been reorganized in the App + Web Beta version, new functions that mainly revolve around the Customer life cycle ”

    These reports are now designed to help marketing professionals gain insight into specific aspects of the customer journey: “For example, they will be able to see which channels are generating new customers in the user acquisition report, and then use the engagement  and retention reports to understand what these customers need.

    The new Google Analytics can have a more complete understanding of how customers interact on different devices and channels, in order to avoid duplicating users on different devices and generate reports and advertising orientation appropriately.

    More detailed user data controls with the new Google Analytics

    The new Google Analytics also includes options to help advertisers comply with data regulations like GDPR and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). Therefore, the consent model is designed for sites that must obtain the explicit consent of final user to collect analytics data.