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    The most used search engines in the world

    After Google

    Although Google is in fact the most widely used search engine, we have often forgotten that human beings do not depend solely on Google for their survival. There are countless search engines trying to compete with this American giant. We have therefore proposed the most widely used search engines today.

    It is true that on a global scale, nothing compares to the success of Google, but some engines, such as Baidu or Yanex, are well known in certain countries far beyond. Whether you are an e-commerce owner, a marketing expert or simply a regular user, you may be interested in understanding the diversity of search engines other than Google.

    What are the most widely used search engines today

    1. Google

    It has 92.05% of the world market. Its great popularity makes it one of the most used search engines by professionals of online marketing, websites, eCommerce, etc.

    For those who try to explain it and try to get their website to appear on the results page, its powerful algorithm is a headache. In the algorithm and design, its update is constant. However, as competition for organic or paid positioning becomes increasingly fierce, its enormous popularity can also have a negative impact. It is not easy to appear first in the results page, which requires a lot of effort and resources.

    1. Bing

    Although this is far from Google, according to Statcounter, its market share is 2.83%, but the truth is that the closest thing to it is the search engine. If we can name any search engine as its direct competitor, that is Bing. It receives approximately 12 billion searches every month and exist in many countries, especially those that speak English and Spanish.

    Therefore, Bing is one of the most popular search engines in the world. It is owned by Microsoft and allows its integration into Microsoft Office Outlook, etc. Voice assistants (such as Cortana or Alexa) and other search engines are compatible with Bing’s search.

    1. Yahoo!

    Yahoo! remains one of the most widely used search engines in the world. In fact, it was no longer an Internet giant in the early 1990s, but a pioneer of that era, more important than Google, but the truth is that it still occupies an important position on the Internet. It provides the following services: Yahoo Answers (Yahoo questions and answers, as it is still in a good position when searching on Google), Yahoo Finance (financial information), Yahoo Weather (weather forecast), etc.

    1. Baidu

    There is no doubt that Baidu is the most used search engine in China, followed by Sogou and Housou. If your market is in China, you should consider this search engine.

    In many ways, it is very similar to Google, both in Chinese. The conflict between the American company and the government and the country’s policies led to its failure to enter the Chinese market.

    1. Yandex

    It is the most used search engine in Russia. It occupies 0.76% of the world market, with more than 12 million users in Russia and other countries (such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.) It can be used in English and Russian or other languages at the same time.

    Part of the reason for Yandex’s success in Russia may be due to the emphasis on the complex Cyrilic alphabet. Yandex has expanded to other countries/regions, such as Turkey, and many of its services have been well received by users.