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    The most important digital jobs of 2020


    The digital sector paves its way in the professional world


    We live in a time of constantly changes. From a personal to a professional perspective, these changes have caused the disappearance of jobs year after year, which may have evolved towards digital tasks. But just as some disappeared, others also appeared.

    We are talking about emerging jobs, those that are in great demand but there are still no great professionals. These jobs offer great opportunities for the future, especially for the youngest, and the reason is that this type of jobs are linked to the innovation and technology departments.

    In this article we will talk about the most requested jobs in 2020. As you will see, not all jobs are purely digital, although it is undeniable that most of them have a certain part linked to innovation and technology.

    Software developer

    We define a software developer as a professional in the field of information technology who can conceive, develop and apply computer systems (software packages).


    A seller performs sales and / or commercial tasks in a company. A seller must have certain characteristics and skills to achieve his objectives: communicate trust, focus on customers and know how to influence the decisions made by the customers.

    Project manager

    A project manager is someone who has the ability to manage a project in all its stages and has the ability of pursuing all objectives.

    IT Administrator

    An IT administrator is someone who is in charge of researching strategies and technical solutions for the commercial needs of the organization. Therefore,  has to be someone who can be at the forefront of the latest technology on the market.

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Its main task is to apply, initiate and control the digital marketing plan of the company or organization, define and design the strategy and use correctly the functions required for the strategy.

    Technical Support Specialist

    A technical support specialist is someone who has to handle and solve various technical support requirements that the clients of the company or organization may

    Data Analyst / Financial Analyst

    When we talk about a data analyst, we refer to someone who converts data into information that will be used later to make the company’s decisions.

    Meanwhile, the financial analyst has to evaluate the economic or business data of a company.

    Graphic designer

    Is the person responsible for conceptualizing and developing visual materials to communicate information, often from the commercial field.


    These are just some of the jobs, but year after year they will vary, so we encourage you to train in the digital world.