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    The legal battles of the online giant

    A major legal battle is looming, and once again it is headed straight for the Internet giants: after a year of investigation, the US Justice Department formally accused Google of a monopoly last Tuesday.

    United States accuses Google of monopoly

    At the press conference, U.S. Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said the lawsuit against Google’s monopoly was based on the fact that the Internet giant “supports its role as the primary gatekeeper of Internet access. “Endangering competitors through illegal proprietary protocol networks.”

    The authorities pointed out in the investigation that Google has paid Apple billions of dollars to make its search engine available on iPhone devices by default, and prohibits the integration of third party search engines through special contracts and following these conventions “has stifled innovation and new developments”. Today, Google is by far the most widely used search engine in the world: in the United States alone it controls around 80% of Internet searches, and it is precisely because of the lack of competition that Google is accused of having a monopoly.

    The complaint added: “Competitors were refused to distribute products, climb the ladder and gain recognition, ensuring that they had no real opportunity to challenge Google”. In fact, the authorities confirmed that “it is so dominant that Google is not only used to identify the company and its search engines but is also used as a verb”.

    Google claims that this is a deeply flawed claim

    Google soon filed a lawsuit against the monopoly in the United States and, through Google’s senior vice president of global affairs, Kent Walker said that “the Department of Justice’s requirements are very wrong. The reason people choose to use Google, is because they choose to do so, not because they are forced or have no other choice, as we have seen in previous articles.

    Walker said: “We are confident that the court will conclude that the lawsuit does not conform to the facts or the law”, he added, “instead, it will artificially support low-quality search alternatives, increase mobile phone prices and make it more difficult”.

    The long list of legal battles against Google

    While this accusation is the most significant antitrust action taken by the US government, so far, neither this company nor other technology giants have been accused of this practice for the first time.

    Specifically for Google, in 2016 the company was sued by the European Commission for abusing its domain in searches. In addition to these accusations, monopolistic practices were added to its price comparison service.