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    The 5 new features of YouTube to improve the user experience

    YouTube is currently the platform par excellence for sharing and searching for video content.

    To improve the user experience on YouTube, Google has decided to launch 5 new features and give advice on how to make the most of the platform:

    1. Video chapters

    Since a few month ago, YouTube has had a “chapter separation” function that allows: dividing long videos into chapters and adding time stamps with which viewers can easily jump to specific section.

    The user can find the chapters included in the video in a list by touching or clicking on the chapter title in the player. A thumbnail preview of each chapter will also be displayed.

    1. Subtitles and automatic playback on the player

    YouTube includes subtitles in many of its videos, but it is often difficult to activate them. Therefore, YouTube decided to put the button directly on the video player in the mobiles and do the same with automatic play option, “on” and “off” will be easier during the playback. Soon the improvements will also be in the web version of YouTube.

    To play a video in full screen, just slide it up.

    1. Gestures to make YouTube more efficient

    YouTube has taken into account the users preference to go forwards or backward 10 seconds with the “left” or “right” buttons.

    To facilitate entering and exiting full screen mode, the user will only have to slide up to enter full screen mode, and down to exit.

    1. Suggested actions

    Another of the platform’s improvements is the incorporation of “suggested actions”, a function that will ask the user to turn their mobile phone around or play a virtual reality video when the social network considers that it will improve their experience.

    1. Bedtime reminders

    Bedtime reminders are an improvement designed to better manage time online. That is, the function serves to set reminders for specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed.