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    Shopping habits change during lockdown

    The company Bnext carried out a study to analyse the main trends in online shopping in Spain this year, with a special focus on the younger population. Marked by a pandemic, restrictions and economic recession, the study found interesting aspects of Spanish consumer habits. It also finally consolidated the notion that young shoppers (and also with different consumption habits9 are attractive targets for digital businesses.

    Bnext is a financial platform that can function as a bank without becoming a bank. To carry out this research, it analysed the data of more than 350,000 users and compared them with the information collected in 2019.

    Online shopping trends in Spain

    In addition to the COVID-19 crisis, online shopping trends in Spain are increasingly marked by smartphones and, more importantly, the types of consumers who make transactions. Interestingly, Bnext research shows that consumers with a century of history (18 to 24 years old) like to shop at times that are considered different: midnight in the morning (12 am to 1 am).

    Why? You might ask, well, it’s because after a break from the daily grind, young people have easier online transactions. Not only that, but you have to remember that this target consumer is the person who uses smartphones the most. The report also shows that these young people are distributing products bought online throughout the day because fundamentally, they always have mobile devices. In addition, this age group is the one that uses the option to send and receive money most often.

    Their purchasing decision are centred on the time of day, which is between 11am and 10 pm, i.e. shopping centre time.

    Trends in online shopping in Spain: young people choose Amazon, Netflix, Spotify… and Mercadona

    Online shopping in Spain during 2020 has become almost indispensable among consumers due to restrictions.

    Their favourite online shop is Amazon, especially among male consumers, however, Mercadona is the most quoted company among women, with an average of 23% of spending. Apart from Amazon and Mercadona, the brands that Spaniards prefer to spends money on are AliExpress, Netflix and Zara. On the other hand, as expected, their favourite broadcast platforms are Netflix and Spotify.

    Changing trends

    The first thing is that the travel state collapsed into the alarm state. Men between 31 and 35 no longer do anything, from 6% in the previous period to 2%.

    On the other hand, we find the retail trade. In the same circumstances as travel, it has experienced a different destination and the department’s expenses have increased. After the state of the alarm was announced, both men and women allocated more budgets.