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    Part 2. Google’s history, 20 curiosities


    Here are ten more surprising facts you (definitely) didn’t know about Google’s history.

    1. Google’s games

    Google likes to play games, and throughout its more than 20 years it has collected many hidden games for users to have fun. Many of these games appeared for an anniversary, but to the delight of many they are still available. One of them was Atari Breakout, which was featured in “Google Images.” Another is the famous dinosaur game, which appears to entertain you when you go offline.

    1. BackRub & PageRank

    Google was originally called BackRub but this name did not convince its inventors and after a “brainstorming” they decided to change the name to Google. By the way, the meaning of PageRank does not refer to “page ranking”, but to one of Google’s co-founders Larry Page (Larry Page).

    1. Google Ads

    Google Ads option is the platform’s main source of income and makes it the most important advertising medium in the world. In fact, in 2018 alone it received more than 140 billion €  in advertising revenue.

    1. ¿How many times do we use Google?

    Search volume reached 2 trillion in 2019.

    1. Nooglers & Dooglers

    Google has around 100,000 employees and has always defined itself as a pet-friendly company. Out of curiosity: Google refers to new employees at Nooglers and those who bring dogs to work as Dooglers.

    1. Google’s first office

    According to the stereotypes of Silicon Valley startups, Google’s first workplace was a garage in Menlo Park (California), which they rented from the current CEO of YouTube.

    1. Google, offers WIFI to an entire city

    Since 2006 Google has provided free Wi-Fi to Mountain View, California, where its headquarters are located.

    1. You can see the sky, the Earth and Mars, with Google

    If you select the satellite view and zoom out on Google Maps, as far as possible, you can see the shaded Earth from space in real time. Also, if you don’t know enough about planet Earth and the Solar System, with the help of Google Mars you can see a virtual map of the surface of Mars and its surroundings. On the other hand, you can also choose Google Sky, which is a tool similar to Google Maps that allows you to explore stars, constellations, galaxies …

    1. Google satellite

    In 2008 a new satellite was launched into space to capture images for Google Earth and Google Maps. It is called GeoEye-1 and it orbits the Earth at an altitude of 680 kilometers.

    1. ¿ How many pages are there on the Internet?

    At the beginning, the platform could process about 50 pages per second, but now Google can process millions of pages. According to Google, there are currently more than one billion operational pages on the Internet.