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    Part 1. Google’s history, 20 curiosities


    Here are some surprising things you (Definitely) didn’t know about Google’s history.

    1. Google was born at Stanford University

    Sergey Brin was teaching at Stanford University when he met Larry Page who was a freshman. They joined forces to create the original document that describes how Google works. The software they developed takes into account other factors than just counting keywords, such as the relationship between web pages, to more accurately determine their position in the ranking.

    1. The origin of the term “Google”

    The search engine was officially launched in 1998 on September 27th. Although in fact, the true history of Google dates back to September 15th, 1997 when Google.com was registered as a domain. Its peculiar name is a variant of the mathematical term Googol (ɡuːɡəl), which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The name implies that the main goal of the founders of Google was to organize an unlimited amount of information on the Internet. But this hasn’t stopped many people from thinking that Google is a misspelling from the start.

    1. Stan the pet dinosaur

    Google also has its own pet dinosaur. Walking through Google’s headquarters in Mountain View we can find a Tyrannosaurus Rex (Stan), who is considered the official mascot. It is 10 meters tall and is named after Stan Lee, the creator of the superhero Marvel. The founder bought it to remind workers not to let Google go extinct.

    1. Google pampers its workers

    If any Google employee residing in the US dies while their contract is still valid, their spouse will receive a check for 50% of their actual salary for the next ten years. This measure applies to any Google employee, regardless of rank or time with the company.

    1. Google’s joke with Gmail

    Gmail was used internally for 2 years and then released to the public in 2004. Google deliberately released it on April 1st (April Fools’ Day) as a joke and it worked. The storage capacity of this service at that time surprised many people and far exceeded the storage capacity of Hotmail.

    1. The 20% – 5% rule

    It means that if at least 20% of people use a function, the function will exit its beta phase and will be installed. And, if at least 5% of people use the search preferences, the search preferences will be included in the “advanced preferences”.

    1. The first Doodle

    The first Doodle is actually an “out of office” message. The creators wanted to warn that one weekend in August 1998 they would participate in Burning Man Day in Nevada. This change is intended to show users that if an incident occurs, it cannot be resolved quickly.

    1. “googling”

    On October 15th, 2002, in a television series “googling” was used as a verb. Therefore, in 2006, “Google” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb. The company filed a lawsuit against them, worried it would affect the brand and lost.

    1. Google in more than 150 languages

    Google currently offers its search services in 150 languages.

    1. Google, the big investor

    Since 2010, Google has acquired around 2 companies every month. It buys complementary startups and other companies of interest related to renewable energy. The three most expensive purchases of the company were made in the following order: Motorola, DoubleClick and Youtube.