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    No retweeting

    This past month, the social network Twitter has demanded the exchange of tweets with comments in the United States at least before November 3, election day, to force users to reflect on what they are sharing or express our personal opinion about it.

    After pressing the “Retweet” button, all US users will be redirected directly to the “Retweet with comments” option, although if they leave this space blank, they can retweet without comments.

    By forcing a retweet with comment step, the social network expects users to reflect on the content they are promoting and how often it contains false, unverified information or disrespectful opinions.

    Twitter also does not allow recommendations for “like” or “follow” content from untracked users, and the list of social network trends will be limited to topics that include context.

    These changes were announced earlier this month and are measures to curb organizations that spread conspiracy theories, such as QAnon, which believes that President Donald Trump is a victim of child abuse and blood-drinking elites.

    In addition, Twitter added tags to add context about possible content that could generate misinformation or make a statement that violates the social network’s terms of use, which is related to Trump’s tweets.

    Some conservative movements are highly critical of what Twitter believes is an attempt to restrict freedom of expression, while Trump threatened to revise laws that exempt social networks like Twitter from responsibility for content shared on their platforms.