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    Internationalize your business with marketplaces


    One of the great advantages of e-commerce is that it allows any company to easily sell its products anywhere in the world.

    Optimize your presence and internationalize your business in the marketplaces

    The success of crossing borders with your online business largely depends on the type of products you want to sell. However, you must review the demand and supply, the competition, the consumer profile of each country you want to reach, logistics details …

    However, if you want to sell on a international market you can carry it out with marketplaces.

    In order to make this transition easier, Lengow co-wrote with Wunderman Thompson a book that provides secret and strategic keys to optimizing your online image and its development on these platforms.

    Know what market type suits your business better

    With this guide, you can quickly and easily find:

    • The key information you need to know and integrate easily and quickly in the market
    • The right market type for your product
    • How to gain popularity and increase sales
    • What you need to know about ways to improve your efficiency
    • How to increase international sales through the market

    So, whether you have an e-commerce or are responsible for one and want to start your internationalization in a marketplace, or maybe even want to expand your online sales channels and sell in one or more international or local marketplaces, this ebook is what you need to get started.

    You can download the Lengow marketplaces white paper on marketplaces directly -> HERE.