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    Influencers marketing has decreased compared to last year


    Over the last few years we have seen how social media marketing has changed thanks to the influencers who with their strategy have forever changed the ecommerce sector.

    But we have to take into account that its efficiency is constantly changing since it is directly related to the preferences of the public and social factors, especially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    According to a report by Socialbakers (social media marketing platform) the efficiency of influencer marketing during confinement has decreased 40% compared to last year.

    While the content sponsored by the most renowned influencers has decreased, influencers with fewer followers but with a more specific market niche continued its course.

    Improvement in some sectors of influencers marketing efficiency

    If we compare April 2020 with last year’s April, both the number of Instagram influencers who collaborated with brands, as well as the number of brands that associated themselves  with influencers, has decreased by approximately 30%.

    However, there has been an increase in some categories of influencers such as in the field of health care (4.2 times), finance (3.9 times) and accommodation (2.7 times).

    The categories in which a drastic fall was most noticeable were those related to the fields of: automotive, sporting goods and airlines.

    There are only a few months left until the end of the year but we have not yet fully seen the economic impact caused by COVID’s pandemic. However, influencers marketing will not disappear, as the trend shows that it will increase in the following months. Brands continue to have a need to connect in more direct ways with their audience, and influencers need to be able to partner effectively with them.

    The trend that professionals say will be in fashion regarding influencers marketing is that brands will adapt a different approach: nano and micro influencers.

    Micro and nano influencers show more efficiency

    We consider nano influencers those who have less than 10,000 followers, and micro influencers those with a number of followers between 10,000 and 50,000. Nano and micro influencers have built strong ties with their small audiences and therefore, have shown higher engagement rates.