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    Increase your sales for Black Friday

    The most important business days of the year are approaching: 11/11 (China’s Bachelor’s Day), Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these are no longer sales of national importance in China or the United States, and have become business events around the world. Therefore, they are a good opportunity to benefit all three parties of advertisers, affiliates and clients.

    This year, advertisers will try to compensate for the loss of revenue due to the corona crisis and will take additional measures to attract more customers.

    In turn, members can use this opportunity to provide new ways of interacting with customers so that they can not only earn money according to the cost-per-action model, but also receive payment from advertisers.

    A graph based on last year’s Admit Spain data shows that the conversion rate during the promotion period is increasing. It is therefore important not to waste time and to use all the tools and techniques available to make the most of the huge discounts and growing customer demand.

    The highest value of orders registered in Spain is (approximately 848 Euros). During the aforementioned period, products from Chinese shops, hotel reservations, electronic and household appliances, children’s products and car rental took first place in the most popular product categories. This year will be different, however, due to the uncertainty on the travel market.

    To be prepared, you should follow these tips:

    1. Pre-select the brand to be promoted, this will help you prepare promotional materials and plan your promotional strategy.
    2. See advertising material provided by advertisers.
    3. Think about how you can help your audience without losing thousands of offers. If you have a couponing website, create a page dedicated to Black Friday transactions.
    4. Pay attention to your channel before the promotion starts. This will help users to distinguish you from others.
    5. Try to do a lot of articles, but don’t overload. No one would like to see a hundred publications a day from one channel. However, if you use social networks and have promised your followers before the sales period to inform them of each discount, you can create many publications without bothering them.
    6. Be as creative as possible. During the sales period, all marketing specialists and affiliates work hard to attract customers, so it must be different.
    7. If you use mobile traffic, check whether the mobile version of the advertiser’s website can be loaded quickly and correctly so that users can continue shopping after visiting their website through your link. The number of people using mobile devices to make purchases continues to grow every year.
    8. If you are a website owner, keep in mind that your website is ready to attract a large number of customers.
    9. Allocate a larger advertising budget, this is a great opportunity to double (or triple) your sales and send out virtual space notifications.
    10. Location and time. If you have customers from several countries, make sure your offer fits your schedule in case they want to start shopping at 12 p.m. In addition, Black Friday gives you the opportunity to try out new audiences and new membership programs.

    Don’t forget that Cyber Monday follows Black Friday, some users may avoid the frenzy of Friday and decide to buy on Monday; so don’t quickly remove ads from your website.