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    Google Shopping, will be free in October


    Just a few months ago, Google decided to open its shopping list to all companies in the United States for free. The main reason why Google decided to do so is because of the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, and specially on the small companies.  The giant of Internet announced that starting in mid-October, Google Shopping will be available worldwide for free.

    Free globally

    In their official statement Google mentioned that they provide free trade information for the “purchases” tab in countries or regions of Europe, Asia and Latin America. Just as we do not charge websites to be added to Google’s search index, retailers will also appear in these results for free. In the same way, the information of the company with paid ads will continue to appear in the ad space and will work in the same way as current Shopping ads “.

    According to Google, retailers who have published products on this tab have received numerous visits and their websites have increased by 50%, and small companies are the fastest growing companies since the beginning of Google Shopping.

    Join Google Shopping for free

    If you want your product catalog to be displayed on the “Google Shopping” tab, the first thing to do is upload your product feed to your Google Merchant Center account and make sure you participate in the Google Surfaces program.

    This way, your products will be displayed in the “Search”, “Google Shopping” and “Images” tabs.

    If you are already using Merchant Center, you don’t need to take any action to take advantage of this change, because according to Google, the list will be automatically displayed for free and, in Europe any price comparison service (CSS) can be chosen to process the free list.

    Local service announcements are also expanding globally

    Likewise, the launch of local service announcements in ten European countries, including Spain, has been announced.

    With the help of the Google Guarantee badge or signature, it is intended to help people discover and connect with trusted local professionals. Therefore, customers will be able to immediately obtain the information of the service provider, pre-evaluations of the customers and can contact the provider directly.

    Professionals don’t need a website to use these ads, they will only pay when a customer contacts them.

    To help small companies comes Google Small Business, it is a tools for personalized planning, including a guide to the right tools for each business. The service launched this month in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the UK, and Google also expanded “My Store” to help local retailers increase customer traffic and improve their shopping experience.

    All this comes with the growth of Amazon as a competitor as they wanted to equalize the condition that those merchants who want to guarantee an outstanding visibility in the search results will continue to pay for ads.