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    Google Duo will automatically subtitle conversations


    Google’s mobile video chat app, Google Duo, has recently added new features that will make the app stand out in front of the competition: subtitles or automatic conversation transcripts.

    Users will have this alternative to carry out virtual meetings specially those  with hearing problems, those who work in or are surrounded by noisy environments, or those who prefer not to activate the audio.

    The subtitles will be created automatically while the dialogue is taking place both in video calls and in video messages. The new feature will be available in future updates of this tool, on iOS and Android but Google will not store the transcripts. The option to store them can be enabled / disabled  manually in “Message settings”, in the preferences.

    But this is not the only novelty, Google Duo proposes a series of improvements to favor the inclusion in several of its products.

    4 New functions to improve the service:

    1. Greater security and quality of calls: calls will be safer, only the participants will know what is said or shown in them. As for quality, its loss is minimized when the signal fails and the missing audio fragments are completed.
    2. Photograph the best moments: you can take pictures during the call with good definition and good framing.
    3. More number of participants in the video calls: up to 32 participants.
    4. Personalized messages: video and voice messages can be personalized with virtual reality effects and in different messages available 24 hours a day.

    Google Duo’s competition

    The tools for video conferencing have multiplied after the COVID-19 confinement. Its main competition is Zoom, followed by Skype and Microsoft Teams. But we shouldn’t forget about the already known FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.