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    6G, a work in progress

    Although the 5G technology still needs time to finish being fully established, there is already a group of researchers who are working on the development of 6G.

    In fact, it is expected that 5G will reach all homes in 2022. In Spain it is already available in 20 cities.

    While 4G offered only 1 Gbps, the speed of 5G will be 20 GB per second with a higher density of connections in a smaller area.

    But what will happen to the 4G network?

    For the moment, this network will remain for a few more years in order to recover the enormous investment that was made to create the infrastructure.

    Differences between 6G and 5G

    With the implementation of 6G technology, the performance of its predecessor will multiply by 100. That means, your download speed will be 1,000Gp per second and you can reach a download speed of up to 1TB per second. In addition, this technology could cover underwater communication.

    As for mobile technology, the 6G will allow solving problems by increasing its reliability and efficiency.

    According to Samsung, by using 6G we will be facing a world much more connected with different realities: augmented, virtual and mixed. The “Internet of the senses” will take shape thanks to the holograms that can be touched.

    Disadvantages of the 6G

    The first change that we will have to face will be the uncontrollable generation and consumption of energy that this technology requires. In this sense, we are talking about the future of our planet, which is facing a critical situation, without renewable and profitable sources of energy for its protection.

    Apart from the large companies that finance this project, we ourselves as users must be aware of the harmful effects of everything that technological advances entail.

    According to Samsung, the commercialization of the 6G will begin in 2028, but it is already speculated that in Spain it will be established between 2030 and 2035.

    Countries such as China or South Korea will have a period of 2 to 4 years to try on this new technology. Therefore, 6G will be ready much earlier, between 2028 and 2030.