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    4 Trends that will set the course for technology in 2021

    The multinational Mediatek, which specializes in the manufacture of semiconductors, anticipates that the course of technology in the coming year will be marked by some technological trends ranging from voice assistants to 5G networks.

    “The technology industry is one of the most variable. It is constantly developing solutions and products that allow users to adapt to specific situations, which respond to a specific need” says the sales manager for MediaTek Latin America, Amikam Yalovetzky.

    Four trends to be taken into account

    1. The new era of AloT

    Artificial Intelligence of Thing (AloT) will be an emerging technological trend that will allow to connect things and devices that are intelligent enough to operate autonomously. Through MediaTek’s Rich IoT program, three AloT-based chipset platforms have been developed, with technologies designed to work in voice assistants, multimedia screens and devices with artificial intelligence for object recognition, among other features that will be enhanced from 2021.

    1. Better smart TVs

    MediaTek’s new range of Tvs incorporating chipsets will offer multiple benefits in image quality, connection, user experience and artificial intelligence.

    “Although the TV market is an old acquaintance, it is still ready for technological innovation to become more intelligent and with greater capabilities”, says Sales manager for MediaTek Latin America, Amikam Yalovetzky.

    The goal with these developments is to increase the visual quality of the TV, intelligently alternating image attributes such as hue, saturation, brightness, resolution and frame rate.

    1. Voice Assistants

    Voice Assistants (VAD for Voice Assistant Devices) and smart speakers have a high capacity to understand natural language and are devices that allow you to perform tasks such as scheduling an appointment, playing music, making an online purchase, opening or closing windows or turning lights on and off.

    MediaTek’s chipsets, based on NeuroPilot technology, are composed of an artificial intelligence ecosystem capable of listening to commands and reproducing ultra-quality audio, providing rounded, uninterrupted interaction.

    1. Transition to 5G

    MediaTek has added the new Dimensity 720 chipset to its 5G technology family this year, which features high connectivity and other high performance features, as well as multi-core for the upper mid-range.

    This chipset includes an integrated 5G modem with support for SA and NSA infrastructures, Sub-6 Ghz, and 2CC carrier with a speed of 2,34 Gbps. In addition, its articulation with MediaTek 5G UltraSave will allow for reduced energy use in this connectivity and optimized battery life in mobile devices.